Concept Art & Sketches

Sketches and concept arts are for me an essential first step before any final production. To be carried out, these preparatory drawings require lengths of time that can vary widely. For example :

  • Between 10 and 30 minutes for a complex sketch
  • A realistic drawing in one try can take from 30 minutes up to an hour
  • A prop or character sketching on another hand takes usually around 10, 15 minutes

Most of the following sketches were drawn with a pentel pen or, for the last two, with a Lavis. I did most of the other concept arts on the computer, using a Wacom Intuos 4.

Math Ascension Concept Art

Different example of creative process and atmosphere research that were used to establish the graphic line of "Math Ascension" by Pestorosso Games at the beginning of the project (2022)

Technic: Digital painting

FIFDH 2022 sketches

Below you will find different sketches made on the spot for the twentieth edition of the international film festival and forum on human rights in Geneva.
As an illustrator, my mission was to use the illustration as a means of information for the communication service of the festival (2022)

Technic: Black ink, lavis and marker

Godess Of Time

Illustration created to develop new skills in pencil (2021)

Technic: Pencil

The Forgotten Demon

Demonic monster study (2021)

Krocus crown digitalization process

Concept art process for the Krocus crown of the soon to be "Krowns" boardgame from Random Therapy studio. This work began with the real sculpt modeling of the crown by "Hay Dee Toys". Lory Aline Cherpit then scanned the sculpt in 3D and refined it. I could finally use the 3D model to draw the surrounding environment, add details to the crown and add lighting.

Technic: Marmoset Toolbag Render, Digital Painting (2021)


Concept art for a video game concept around wizards (2020)


Skin shading study with the movie "Leon" as reference (2020)


Skin shading study with a photo as reference (2020)

Cool Roof

Logo design process (2020)

"A piece of life in Canada"

Sketches I made on a trip across Canada (2019)

The Throne

Study of a cartoon chair (2019)

The Cryophage

Concept Art for a video game project with Random Therapy Studio (2018)

Seeking revenge

Trying something new (2018)

La Quenelle

Mood board for a school game project during the "Geneva Game Convention" (2016)

Packed Punch

Troll study (2016)

The Lady of Paris

Sketch of "Notre Dame" (2016)


Sketch submissions for the Art school Emile Cohl (2013)